katzinjamma nicknamed by his grandmother, has been involved with music professionally since he was 9 years old starting with violin, then guitar, but would focus more on  vocals. He sang for the church choir leading him to be chosen four years straight for the SEABBS all district and then chosen one year for the NYSSMA Annual New York State show through the public school system. 

Life forced him to drop out of his musical endeavors through his high school years, to then pick up the guitar again for the first time 
at the age of 18. He tried to put a band together that following year only to find an oversaturated market of guitarist and turned to the bass guitar where he was famously known in the Queens / NYC / try state music scene. 

The katzinjamma live band put him on the map as one of the movers and shakers of the tri state area leading him to 
WSOU 89.5 FM pirate radio, which led to him to the acclaimed project called Claude's Front Pocket where for the second time, 
got him heard on terrestrial radio station regular play on WRCN 103.9 FM. Approached by PUSH Records of Hall and Oats but the band disbanded before anything could be sealed on a contract that was offered ... yeah you know things happen ...

SO... after the passing of his grandmother, whom had knicknamed him katzinjamma.. and yes that's how she spelled it, he went into writing mode....

He left NYC in April 2007 for a clean slate to Charlotte North Carolina becoming a Published Writer, Winning critical acclaim 
for his poems "Nothing Done Right" and then "Wishing" in the "Collected Whispers" collection, which was put into song. 

On January 20th 2010 he releases his first musical solo project effort SUNRAYDOWN as a singer songwriter musician 
holding the #1 spot for 465 days straight, on the Reverbnation Charlotte Music charts, leading him to the second music contact offer 
of 6 offers total, the latest offer from Universal in June of 2015 since Claudes Front Pocket. 

On January 29th 2014 the official solo debut "resoNation" was released, reaching NUMBER ONE on the Reverbnation charlotte music charts 
10 times since its debut and still on the top of the charts ever since. but, on July 15th 2015, after being nominated, he wins the best alternative rock category for 
The Academia Awards with his song "Listen for the silence". 
His music has been heard ONTHERADIO in over 
75 countries and 40 states online and terrestrial stations 
and  well over 3,1 million listeners since the debut solo release.  He also was chosen  as one of the top ten for the  Stoney Awards in 2015 alongside Chris Cornell's Higher Ground and Marilyn Manson's Pale Emperor. That led him to a Radio Shoiw slot on Rockmetaltalk.com for a few years before he took a break for a while.

Deciding to stay as an independent artist for the time being, he released a single in 2021 called "within" is currently putting together the beginning ideas for his next full album solo release. It may be a little while for that, but you can get insight on 2A stuff, freedom stuff, his art, poetry and just insight on what's going on with life today on any of his social sites.. yes he is back on twitter and facebook for the time being ... till the tyranny of free speech is squashed over there, using code words to get his point via those sites. he is currently re establishing his online presence since he went on that www. vacation for a few years.